The Creative Energy of the Name Gramercy

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The Creative Energy of the Name Gramercy

29 Mar 2021

Not just a name, but a word synonymous with music greats and a grand Manhattan hotel with an inspiring rooftop terrace vibe.

The name ‘Gramercy’ has strong connotations with the who’s who of the music world while also being a sought-after New York neighbourhood known for its private park and grand hotel. With the rich on-site musical history of our own Gramercy Terraces, the nod to music legends and grand luxury was the perfect composition. 

Grammercy (spelt with two MM’s) is an independent record label, while New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel has played host to music legends from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley and features a notable rooftop terrace perfect for inspiring alfresco entertaining.

Make Gramercy Terraces your next verse. Visit the Display today.